Gospeltour i Sverige 2013

I mitten av Juli kommer Leslie Michele och Robert Cager från Chicago till Sverige!
Ihop med Thomas Simonsson och Angelica Bengts kommer de åka på en gospelturné runtom i landet och sjunga och prata om vad gospelmusiken har fått betyda för dem och hur musiken och budskapet har fått bära genom livets många skeden!
Missa inte dessa tillfällen att få njuta av skön musik, inspirerande livshistorier och spännande möten! 
6:e Juli - Södra Härene kl 18:00
7:e Juli - Apelvikshöjds Kyrka, Varberg kl 11!
7:e Juli - Ängelholm, kl 18!
10:e Juli - Långserud kl 20!
12:e Juli - Hönökonferensen, Nimbus kl: 00:30
13:e Juli - Hedemora
14:e Juli - Krylbo kl 11!
14:e Juli - Horndal kl 17!
16:e Juli - Grängesberg kl 19!
17:e Juli - Leksand 20:00
18:e Juli - Stala, Orust 19:00
19:e Juli - Domkyrkan, Göteborg kl 12!
19:e Juli Credo Familjeläger, Hjälmareds folkhögskola.
21:a Juli Mossebo kl 15:00
21:a Juli Tranemo kl. 17:00
21:a Juli Sjötofta kl. 19:00
Leslie Michele, and Robert Cager from Chicago will tour Sweden together with Thomas Simonsson and Angelica Bengts during July 2013! With their tour "A Gospel Journey" they will sing and share the message of the gospel music! Don't miss out on this unique moment to enjoy some good music, inspiring life testimonies and have a great time!
Leslie  Michele is a multi-faceted singer with musical roots in Chicago. Her voice reaches from tenor to high soprano and with this range she lends her voice to Jazz, Gospel, and Classical to name a few. She has been featured on the works of upcoming local artists and been among the cast of Torn The Musical and many others. She has sung in various settings from church to Jazz and R& B in Chicago and around the country. She is an upcoming Jazz artist on the Chicago music scene, a solo singer of North Park Gospel Choir and she is currently the lead vocalist of Common Thread, a Jazz fusion band based in Chicago. Among her international experiences, she led a worship team on a mission trip to India.

Robert Alexander Cager: "I have been sining Gospel music ever since I was born. Gospel music has been apart of my life actually, since before I was born. Gospel Music is a mantle that has been passed down from generation to generation in my family. This music has body, mind, soul, & spirit. It has life. Gospel music has the ability to encourage, uplift, resurrect the dead, heal the broken, fight for you, and take you to a higher place in God. It's all in the message of the music, The Gospel. The Gospel of Jesus Christ has been apart of my life since before I wanted to accept it. Its been years since I gave my life to Christ and I am still in love with the work Gospel music has done in me and in others. It transforms lives and it preaches life in the midst of deadly situations. One thing I know is, there is hope in this music even when hope has left. I know in Gospel music I can find the hope I need to make it to my next destination in life.I am also a musician. I sing, play the organ, keyboard, direct choirs, and lead worship teams. God has given me experience already as a young man on what it means to have Gospel music transform who you are.I have journeyed with this music to the point that I don't see me ever leaving Gospel music and I don't see it leaving me. We're inseparable".

Angelica Bengts, 26, from Hedemora, Dalarna (Sweden). Graduating vocal/piano teacher from Ingesund School of Music in June 2013. Active mainly as a singer, teacher and arranger within different contexts and genres, such as e.g. musical theater, traditional Swedish folk music, classical music, jazz and of course gospel, which lies particularly close to her heart since many years ago! Besides her exchange studies at North Park University, Chicago, she studied theology in the UK for a year and been on many other exciting journeys abroad due to her great interest in different languages and cultures! Her passion is to spread God's love to people through creative arts and especially through songs and music from different cultures!

Postat av: Berit

Ska bli såå roligt, jag ser verkligen fram emot det tillfället då jag kan vara med!!

2013-06-27 @ 14:32:08

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