Leaving Chicago

Wow, I did it!
I actually did it!
I left Sweden, and moved to Chicago, USA. 
I finished my first semester at North Park University! 
I started to write new chapters in my book of life. I moved from a country of 9 million inhabitans to a city with the same number of inhabitans. I left my friends, family and much more back home and did something outside my box, and let me tell you: there is a whole world out there, ready for you to explore it! 
I've met new friends, young and old. I've played my music in greek-orthodox churches to black baptist churches,  I've met people, talked to people that made impressions on me big time. 
This semester is over, I did great in school. I was stressed, I had fun, I missed home, I did not miss home. 
Through all this, there is people that have encouraged me. I should probably not mention any names, because I can't name everyone of you. But there is some that i really want to mention:
Lyndell and Denise Rogers (Tia and Leslie) -  My American mom and dad and the family. You guys are fantastic! I love you and cant really put words into how much your friendship and caring love means to me. You opened your arms and house and family to me and I'm so thankful for you!
Mom and Dad -  My incredible parents back in Sweden! I love you! Your support brought me here. You have never doupted me, and you know from the start that I'm a stubborn boy. From my first comunion til now, you have supported me. You are heroes to me and great role models! 
My Sibblings - I love you guys. I appreciate the greetings now and then over skype, and it means a lot to me to know that you want the best for me, as I wish for all of you! I have seen a lot of broken familys over here in Chicago, and Im so incredible thankful to be a part of such a loving and caring family as ours. 
Lennart, Eva, Tobias and Niklas - My life have become something that i never could imagine. I dont just have one family, but several. You guys are my family. I love you! Your support, wise words and encouragement got me all the way to Chicago. We will always have a special band, and you will allways be in my prayer, even if I am on the other side of the world. I wish you nothing but the best and that your lifes will be blessed beyond all limits!
Matilda - My new BFF here in Chicago. You are truley a great friend and so much fun! It feels amazing to have a person from Sweden that I can be with, talk to and relax with. You are a great girl and im looking forward to next semester with you! 
There is so many more that I could mention, but if i do that i will surely miss my airplane back home. That would be devestating. 
I just wanna say thanks to all of you that's a part of my life, and making it into an awesome life, worth living every day! 
Have a great christmas and new year! 
// Thomas Simonsson

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